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Patterson-Brandt, Inc.

University Recruitment

The current economy is presenting great challenges for Admissions marketing and recruiting.

But challenges come with opportunities.

We can help you meet those challenges by creating cost-effective, innovative recruiting tools that get the results you need.

Rider University

We create overview admissions programs, “day in the life” videos, targeted short programs for departments and majors, TV commercials, informative video news releases, and videos for a variety of other purposes.

Misericordia University

A small budget doesn’t mean you can’t achieve great outcomes. Our client pool continues to grow — even during these tough economic times — because our clients recognize the value of our work. They become repeat customers because our work generates results.

It’s more important than ever to be aggressive — yet sensible — with your marketing budget. We can help you get the outcomes you need, even if your budget is smaller than it has been in previous years.

Please click on the links we've provided so you can see our online work right now on our clients’ web sites. Or check out our work samples on the upper right of this page.


Live Links