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March 19, 2017
Building a Video Library

When you produce any video project, you begin building a “library” of footage. That is, of course, if your producer saves all footage and doesn’t recycle tapes or wipe hard drives — so that’s definitely an issue you should address with them.

There are many advantages to building this video library. Here’s a case history to illustrate why it’s useful.

We began working with one of our university clients five years ago. The first year we produced a series of five “day in the life” video profiles of students. In each of the videos we covered a broad range of topics in addition to specifics about the studen’s major and classes — things like extracurricular activities, what life is like on campus, the opportunities to make friends and get involved, etc. To illustrate their points we collected a lot of footage on the topics they mentioned.

The following year this client decided they needed an overview Admissions video to be used at Open Houses. Because we had gathered so much footage the previous year through doing the “day in the life” videos we had a great start for the overview video. In fact we already had so much useful footage we saved our client at least 30% over what the budget would have been if we had to start from scratch.

As we continue creating videos for this client, their “library” of video footage grows, and their savings grow as well. Two years ago they suddenly needed a television commercial — their basketball team was doing well and they were being featured on an ESPN bracket buster game. They were offered air time on ESPN on a game that would be seen nationally, but they had nothing to use. Because of our library of footage we were able to come up with a concept quickly and edit together a very effective spot using footage that was already “in the can.” The result? Our client got a great TV spot in under than a week for less than half of what the budget would have been if we had to start from scratch.

Bottom line — there are advantages in both cost and efficiency in developing a continuing working relationship with a quality video production company. Besides the trust you develop in a good working relationship, the library of footage that grows over time can be used again and again.


New Releases

“Video Map” for Geneva College Launches!

Our new “Interactive Video Map” for Geneva College is online!

Geneva CollegeThe Geneva map has a clean, bright interface … the videos spotlight Geneva’s core marketing messages … and the feedback from prospective students has been impressive! Check it out!


“Video Map” for Rider University Launches!

Our interactive campus video map for Rider University is now online.

Rider UniversityThis creative approach is a great way to give web site visitors a feel for the campus while conveying your core marketing messages. Through the short tours of campus, led by actual student tour guides, you can show off the best features of your campus while highlighting majors, programs and activities that attract students.


Misericordia University Video Site Goes Live!

Our interactive “day in the life” video site for Misericorida University has launched.

Misericordia UniversityThe marketing department at Misericordia decided to start small, with two videos. They plan to add more over the next few years. This approach allows them to get started with a limited budget and begin enjoying recruiting benefits right away. By adding videos in installments they can expand when they have the budget … and the regular expansion keeps the site fresh with new content.