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“I have worked with Patterson-Brandt since 2005. The professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail are the reasons why I continue to work with Steve, Rick, and Allan. They have a terrific approach to any project we do together and the partnership we have is why we continue to see successful enrollment results. Rider has increased its new student enrollment by 13 percent over the past four years and the video work that Patterson-Brandt has completed for us has a direct correlation to this success. Steve, Rick, and Allan work well with faculty, students, trustees and alumni — when we agree to do a project together, I know that they understand the University and its mission and that they can communicate our objectives throughout the course of the project and give me a final product that represents the University in an exciting way.

James O’Hara
Vice President, Enrollment Management
Rider University


“Our work with Patterson-Brandt over many years has resulted in a number of successful projects, from student recruitment to fund-raising. In each of them, Steve and Rick have contributed the right combination of enthusiasm, critical questioning, good humor — and a very high level of production skill which pulls the finished product together.”

Ron Cohen
Vice President for University Relations
Susquehanna University


“We have worked with Patterson-Brandt for over five years. Rick Brandt and Steve Patterson are trusted and valuable business partners. Their vast industry knowledge, diverse production capabilities, and extreme creativity is combined with an impeccable work ethic, attention to detail, and a can-do attitude. A winning combination that deems PBI our vendor-of-choice for collaborating on educational and promotional video projects.”

Kristin Rister Pelletier
Jones & Rister, Inc.


“Patterson-Brandt is a testament to those that believe great things really do come in small packages. While managing more than $20M in production programming annually, Rick and Steve’s creative leadership and professionalism has proven a godsend for me countless times during the last 18 years. Their collective skills remain one of the main reasons our companies have achieved a fraction of the success we have. Consider this a ‘thank you’ for all you have done for us.”

Eric Porterfield
Distance Learning Network


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